EBU 2020 award on web accessibility best practices Deadline: 3 July

The deadline has been extended to 3 July in order to obtain a satisfying number of national contributions.

Dear EBU members,

In 2020, EBU will continue to reward best national practices related to accessibility in EBU member countries.

This year, the competition will focus on Web accessibility, in particular the accessibility of public sector websites. Domains concerned may cover legal provisions, systems or tools, training, assistance, support schemes or any other domain where the practices identified improve the experience of blind and partially-sighted Web users.

Each EBU member organisation is invited to submit good practices in an accurate, clear and concise manner. You can download the competition rules (

The best practices will be financially rewarded. All contributions will be carefully examined by a jury which will attribute three prizes:
€ 3 000 for the best one;
€ 2 000 for the second best;
€ 1 000 for the third best.

Contributions considered to be the most relevant will be compiled into a brochure available at least in English, French, German and Spanish to be disseminated in the course of the last trimester of 2020.

The participation of all the member organisations is essential so as to enrich the publication with a wide range of practices, thus increasing transferability perspectives to the many different cultural, political, social and legal contexts of EBU member countries.

All applications must be sent by email to Romain FERRETTI at [email protected] with subject field set to “Accessibility competition – web-accessibility - <your_country>” no later than 3 July 2020.

The jury thanks you all in advance, in particular the person(s) in charge of digital accessibility in your organisation. Should they need any clarification of further information, please revert to Romain.

The jury


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